Bringing together the best evaluation blogs on the web.

I launched evalcentral as its own WordPress blog in September of 2010.  Back then the digital world was a very different place, with many fewer resources.  So the point was to really just bring evaluation bloggers from across the globe together and help them connect to a shared audience.

Going social

Today, @evalcentral has over 3 thousand twitter (@evalcentral) followers.  And starting September of 2017, it’s finally launched on Facebook (@evalcentral).  Join us!

Submit your blog

Are you an evaluator?  Do you have a blog you think is right for the eval central feed?  Why not submit it for consideration?


  • Some kind of posting history (if you’re brand new to blogging, give it a few weeks before submitting).
  • Not blatantly self-promotional. Sure we all plug ourselves sometimes, but if that’s all you do, please don’t submit.
  • By evaluators for evaluators.  It’s kind of like a journal, just totally not like a journal.
  • Posting frequency ~2/month or more frequent.
  • Has to have an RSS feed (i.e. all WordPress sites have one, all Medium sites have one, but LinkedIn does not).
  • No jerks.

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