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Creative Reporting for Data People.

Is it Apathy, or Overwhelm?

In the research and evaluation worlds you might work on a project for years designing studies, interviewing people, sending surveys, organizing data, and turning that work into what you think are well crafted recommendations.

And then you take all that work and turn it into a report...

...which very few people will ever read.

At this point it's easy to make excuses or pass the blame.

"Clearly people just don't care."
"Our social media team didn't share it with enough people."
"Our organization's website is just not well designed enough for anyone to see the report."
"We don't have the budget or time to put in more of a reporting effort."
"Oh well, next time we'll do better..."

But what if it's not apathy?

What if instead, it's just an overwhelmed audience?

An audience that can be reached if you just knew how.

Create reports that people want to read!