eCourse, eSchool, and Digital Summit Design.

Bringing professional development, continuing education and eLearning into the modern digital world.

We build eCourses and eSchools for the Modern World. Mobile-Responsive, Secure, User-Friendly.

Great eCourses are designed like engaging workshops, not boring lectures.

Still on ASP.NET and old Microsoft Servers?

Let's put you on a secure AWS VPN and move you to WordPress.

In other words, let's move you to the cloud and make your site less expensive, more secure, ready to scale, and better looking.

Want to host a Webinar Series or Live Summit?

We can help you with that!

Meet the Team

A photo of Chris Lysy, CEO and frontend designer at Freshspectrum.

Chris Lysy

CEO - Designer - Connector

Hello, welcome to my design shop.  I've built a new formula for creating eCourses, it goes something like this... 

(Research + Storytelling + Illustration) * Experts Engaging eLearning

You bring the expertise, I'll take care of everything else.

I collaborate with a network of super smart experts to build talented well-rounded creative teams.

A picture of Swanand Mokashi, CTO and backend developer.

Swanand Mokashi

Back-End Developer

Heather Marvin

Heather Marvin

Branding Design

Cidar Mendizabal

Cidar Mendizabal

Data Architect

Lauren McGhee

Lauren McGhee

Strengths Finder

Jen Craig Artist

Jen Craig

Art Design & Illustration

Ryan Timms

Ryan Timms


Adam Silver Podcaster

Adam Silver

Podcast Design 

Danny Peneyra

Danny Peneyra

SQL Whisperer

Casey Barnett Freshspectrum Profile

Casey Barnett

Search Optimization

Kevin Seifert

Kevin Seifert


Andrew Southard

Andrew Southard

App Developer

The Reify Team

The Reify Team

Curriculum Support

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or through LinkedIn.

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