I specialize in the fuzzy areas that have formed between the data, design, and tech worlds.  To see some of the specific services I provide, please read on.

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Online Course Design.

Online courses offer a lot of benefits, such as:

  • adding additional revenue;
  • reaching a larger student audience;
  • training internal staff or external partners;
  • showing off software, tools, and approaches;
  • generating leads;
  • building your audience email list;
  • and proving your expertise.

I have spent years developing an effective online course model.  Let’s make it work for you.


Web Design

I build professional WordPress sites. I can design and develop:

  • company sites;
  • project sites;
  • community of practice sites;
  • interactive digital reports;
  • and landing pages.

I have prepaid access to hundreds of professional mobile-responsive WordPress themes we can use for the basic framework of your site.  Spending less time writing code allows us to spend more time writing and developing the high value multimedia content that will make your site successful.


Report Design.

The reporting needs of your clients have changed, time to catch up.  I design:

  • long-form print and PDF reports;
  • short-form print and PDF reports;
  • digital and print infographics;
  • visual presentation decks;
  • Google drive & Excel dashboards
  • Tableau dashboards;
  • motion graphic and animated video reports;
  • re-usable report templates;
  • and social media graphic reports.

I use professional tools to design reports/data visualizations based on audience needs.  Some of my preferred tools include Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, SketchApp, ProCreate, Tableau, Google Drive, Excel, and PowerPoint.


Cartoon Illustration.

I draw cartoons to illustrate complicated and complex concepts.  They can be used:

  • on social media or in blog posts;
  • in academic texts and other books;
  • in presentations;
  • to illustrate live events for the web;
  • to document events and important moments;
  • and to help organizations brainstorm and plan.

Cartoons can be powerful communication tools when intentionally designed for a specific purpose.  I can do that.


Digital Strategy and Evaluation.

Ready to approach the web systematically and strategically?  I can support:

  • lead generation strategy;
  • referral strategy;
  • content strategy;
  • email strategy;
  • dissemination strategy;
  • elearning strategy;
  • online reporting strategy;
  • automated analytic dashboarding;
  • conversion analytics;
  • social media analytics;
  • heatmap analyics;
  • qualitative analytics;
  • comparison site analytics;
  • digital feedback capture;
  • web surveys;
  • and digital branding.


What to Budget?

The usual budgets for projects I work on start at $5,000. More often than not, it does not go much higher than that. I can do just about everything I mentioned above on a $5,000 budget.

If you are interested in any of this.  Reach out directly or sign up on my calendar for a free 15 – minute chat.

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