Simple Visuals

Simple CartoonWhy

Your audience is overwhelmed. Really overwhelmed.

Just think about your own life.

Every single day you get bombarded with emails, facebook messages, texts and tweets. If you have a question you’re only ever a button click away from way more than you ever need to know. So are you really looking for more information?

When you’re overwhelmed, you’re not looking for more. You want less. At least at first.

I design simple visuals that do just that. I get your audience started and connected with the material you are trying to present, in a simple way. Ultimately creating an entry point into larger discussions.

Connect with Cartoons

When do you ever look at a cartoon and think, “I don’t have time for that?”

Cartoons are one way to cut through the overwhelm. It’s like an icebreaker. If you can connect with a cartoon, you can open up an audience to more of what you have to say.

The trick is to design a cartoon to deliver your message or, at the very least, set up the context.

DeClutter with Doodles

In the pre-web days, pictures were a bonus. Now they’re a requirement.

The web is a multimedia environment.

Doodle illustration is one way to add pictures. Whether it’s simple visual facilitation inspired illustration for a report or a live doodled webinar to replace a bullet point ridden slide deck, I can help.