Infographics are designed for audiences.


Infographics have a bad reputation among evaluators. Mostly because many of the examples you find on the web feature oversimplified analyses and a complete lack of references.

But don’t blame the tool for the practices of advertisers with little data savvy. If designed properly, infographics can be potent communication vehicles.

I create infographics designed to reach specific audiences for specific purposes.

Bringing the board up to speed

Report sizes are creeping down. What was once a 200 page report with a 20 page executive summary is now a 60 page report with a 6 page executive summary. And to top it all off, your audience wants a one pager.

An infographic can make a great one pager, featuring the discussion points you plan to cover during your next presentation. You just need to focus, add pictures, create flow and constantly connect your audience with the next resource.

Reaching new audiences

Papers, reports and resource sites all have certain styles. Sometimes you can tweak the style to make your resource a little more appealing to a given audience. But this only ever works so far, and there is usually someone who wants the normal paper, report or resource.

Infographics provide a mechanism to tailor your work for specific audiences. If your audiences are diverse, they have different needs. And if your resource is important, you need to pursue alternative methods to present that resource to your diverse audiences.

Not sure how to start? I can help.