When choosing software, reject this statement

Before you adopt a new piece of software, reject this statement:

  • Switching to the alternative is no better than staying with the status quo.

The status quo is how things are being done right now. Most evaluators I know don't have a software package they use for interactive visualization. So, for them, not creating interactive visuals is the status quo.

The alternative is important. Lots of people hate on Power Point but what's the alternative? Prezi? Do you believe that's a viable alternative?

You have to prove that switching to the alternative is better, not that the status quo is worse. This is not a side by side comparison, the status quo always has the upper hand. Switching means learning something new, making investments in time not just money.

To prove that switching to the alternative is better, you need evidence. I'll go into more detail on how to collect that evidence in the coming days.

So we are all in agreement, we will say we hate Power Point but continue to use it.