Web Survey Design: Preloading data and piping

This week I am providing some web survey features that act as dividing lines between survey programs and pricing levels.

Piping is simply taking information you know about the respondent, either provided within the survey or obtained at a prior date, and using that data to customize survey questions or responses.  Preloading data into the survey allows you to pipe information into questions, or datasets, without needing to ask the question.  This is great for times when you already know at least a little about the respondent and can use that information to strengthen your survey.

Question piping:

Q1: What is your favorite color?

a. red

b. blue

c. other

Q2: Why did you choose the color red?

Preloaded data:

Q1: Please enter the username provided to you via email.

Username: _________________

Hello, Frank.  We show that you have attended 3 fundraising events in the past year.  In the following set of questions we will ask about your experiences at each event.

Q2: On 6/5/11 you attended an event at The Country Club, please rate your satisfaction with this event on the following scale…