Web Survey Design: Not all skip logic is created equal

If you have a simple survey, you can program it using almost any web survey design program.  But as the survey increases in complexity, you lose some of your options.  Figuring out which survey programs match your needs is not always easy.  Every program has a list of things it can do, but unsurprisingly, the programs don’t usually tell you the options they lack.

This week I’m going to lay out a few of the factors that separate applications and pricing levels.

Easy Question Logic

If Question 4 = Yes, Skip to Question 6

Advanced Page Logic

If Question 4 = Yes, Question 2 = 5, and Question 3 <5, Skip Page

Almost every survey program will give you some level of skip logic or branching.  If you just need to skip a question here or there, using the answer to the preceding question as your guide, your options are pretty open.   If you want the ability to set page conditions, utilizing answers to multiple previous questions, your options will be more limited.  Also, just because your design program handles complex logic doesn’t mean your pricing level will.