5 new cartoons, who cares if you’re not a visual person

I’ve heard, “I’m not a visual person,” quite often lately.

Sometimes it takes other forms… “well it just doesn’t appeal to me, maybe I’m old school.”

All that might be true. I’m not going to fight you on it.  But here’s my question.  Why does that matter?

When you present, do you present to yourself or do you present to your audience?  I know that there is a big chunk of audience out there that love visuals.  Likely many of your stakeholders.  And it’s your audience that matters.


A couple of these cartoons are somewhat unrelated, so it’s not really a true set.  Hope you like them nonetheless.

Why you being a visual person should be irrelevant…

I am not a visual person, but what about your audience cartoon by Chris Lysy


If all else fails, you could try song.

I am not a visual person so I will deliver my report in song Cartoon by Chris Lysy


There is a reason for all the multimedia demand.

Why everyone wants visuals cartoon by Chris Lysy


There are more one trick ponies now-a-days.  But the tricks are getting better.

One trick pony, but what a trick cartoon by Chris Lysy


The people you work with think you’re great.  Is that enough?

People we gave money to like us cartoon by Chris Lysy