Visual note taking and focusing on the Big Idea

Cartoon-24 pages of notes. I think I got everything...But did you get this? Holding a sketch note with "The Big Idea"

If you’re interested in approaching your work in a more visual way, one place to start might be with visual note taking.  You can start small by just pulling out a notebook and sketch out a few pictures at your next meeting (keep it to yourself, nobody else has to see).

The hard part about visual note taking is not the drawing part, even though it’s often the most intimidating part for those out of practice.  The hard part is in being able to focus on just the big ideas.

Today’s cartoon was inspired by Mike Rohde, author of the Sketchnote Handbook.

To sketchnote, you listen closely to meaningful ideas, consider what they mean, and then create a visual map of them.  The goal is to forgo the details and instead listen for big ideas that resonate, converting those ideas into visual notes that include both words and pictures.