This is my collection of short, visual, and engaging courses designed to help you take your next steps beyond Microsoft Office.  All courses are self-paced and permanent (meaning they don’t expire).

Enroll [FREE] Data Design Tools & Tactics Sampler Bundle

Going beyond Excel doesn’t mean only using expensive or complicated tools. There are quite a few widely available and easy-to-use software tools that can quickly improve your designs.

This free set of five quick and visual mini-courses walks you through a few of my favorite web-based tools.  You’ll also receive access to my webinar replay room, which will have one of my latest recorded webinars available for replay.

Data > Whiteboard Animation with an iPad
> Comparison Infographic with Piktochart
> Creating Doodle Worksheets
> Magazine One-Pager with Canva
> Interactive Infographic in Adobe Spark
> Webinar Replay Room


Enroll [$99] Reserved Webinar Registration and Archive Unlimited

When I hold a webinar I only open up 50 spots for public registration. Replays are also made publicly available, but only one at a time.

Registering here will give you guaranteed reserved registration for any and all of my webinars. You’ll just select the ticket type [reserved DiY member]. You will also get unlimited access to my entire archive of recorded webinars. Which you can watch and replay at any time.

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