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Tableau Like

Tableau like Excel cartoon

Another day another website. I decided to split off my professional data design work and start building an online portfolio.  So if you want to get a sense for what my professional visualization work looks like, head over to Lysy Design.

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The Four Tableaus and other question responses

At the end of last week, I received some extra questions from the attendees who viewed my coffee break webinar. I’ve responded to each individually but thought I would share the responses with you as well. But before I get to the questions (and responses) I wanted to share a little about the presentation experience. Feel…

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Stop Wasting Data

[Update] On Thursday, July 31 I presented this little webinar as part of the American Evaluation Association’s coffee break webinar series.  If you missed it, AEA was kind enough to give me a copy of the recorded webinar to share with you. Below here you’ll find most of the cartoons used in the presentation.  You’ll…

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Try it out

If some tool looks promising, try it out. It’s easy, download then play. Just about everything offered on the web these days has a free trial. Maybe you’re not ready for a full test but download the trial anyway. If you need another round of testing later, email the company and they’ll likely extend your…

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Choropleth maps and data visualization instacritics

It’s pretty easy to tear down a data visualization. Between Tufte’s traveling show and any number of solid data visualization blogs, we’re creating a hive of instacritics that are currently laying down a path of destruction through unsuspecting visualizers. I try to limit my critiques these days.  As easy as it is to tear down…

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