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The Four Tableaus and other question responses

At the end of last week, I received some extra questions from the attendees who viewed my coffee break webinar. I’ve responded to each individually but thought I would share the responses with you as well. But before I get to the questions (and responses) I wanted to share a little about the presentation experience. Feel…

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More data, shorter reports: three ways to respond

We have access to more data but are delivering shorter reports. Something has to change, right? Before we get into today’s post.  If you missed my webinar, it’s now up for anyone to watch.  A big thanks to AEA for sending it to me so I could post for all of you. More Data From site…

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Stop Wasting Data

[Update] On Thursday, July 31 I presented this little webinar as part of the American Evaluation Association’s coffee break webinar series.  If you missed it, AEA was kind enough to give me a copy of the recorded webinar to share with you. Below here you’ll find most of the cartoons used in the presentation.  You’ll…

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