Step 1. Funnel Setup

Whether or not you are trying to sell a service, sell a product, or simply deliver information, a simple funnel should be at the heart of your strategy.  If you do not currently have a funnel in place, our first steps together will involve funnel design and setup.

The goal is to turn people who barely know you into people who follow you closely and share your work. Increasing levels of engagement can help drive social media exposure.

  1. Social Media Channels – This is how you reach people you don’t yet know as well build your reputation among casual followers.
  2. Blog – This is where you publish your work.
  3. Landing Pages – This is you how you turn casual visitors into followers.
  4. Email – This is how you keep in touch with your closest followers.
  5. Calendar Scheduler – This is how you easily setup 1 to 1 meetings.

A few of the resources I have at my disposal.

Lead Pages

Leadpages is a landing page builder with hundreds of templates to build from.  With my license we can build pages for your company or organization and deploy on a leadpages web domain, one of my domains, or on your domain.  These pages will be setup to deliver users directly to an email service you control (i.e. Mailchimp).

StudioPress Pro Plus

I am a WordPress designer with a full set of professional premium WordPress themes at my disposal.  Not only can I create landing pages for you, I can also design your blog or website.