Start Blogging: a why, what, who, how, what next guide

I just posted the first in a series of guides designed to answer tech and concept questions I hear often.  It’s a type of visual introductory guide structured to provide context, get you started, and give you some next steps.  It’s up on my Patreon page but I set it up so that it’s free to download for anyone.

Let me know what you think, I’ve started writing a few of these and have plans for many more.

Here is a little excerpt from the Why section

So you completed a report. A really good report, filled with all sorts of useful information. Now to just get it into the hands of your target audience.

One problem though, your target audience doesn’t read reports. Even really good ones written just for them.


You’re an expert. You know it. But sometimes it seems like you’re the only one who knows it.
It’s all there on your resume, but you’re just not getting any hits. At least not to do the thing you’re an expert in doing. How do you show an employer what you can do if nobody is going to give you a chance?


Saturday morning again.

It could be worse, at least your proposal was accepted. It’s just too bad that everyone leaves on Friday. Well at least you’ll have some type of audience.


You have so many great ideas. Sadly most don’t make it out of your head. They just stay there on a loop. That is until you find someone else who had the same idea. Only, they made it into something.
To think, that could have been you.

Get the guide

To download the full guide, visit the Patreon post, the PDF is attached.