Social Media

The use of social media in research and evaluation is one of my passions.  I just finished up with a trilogy of cartoon posts on blogging.

You can definitely expect more posts on related subjects in the near future.  Until then, here is my blogging trilogy (all filled with cartoons, of course).

22 bloggers with advice for researchers and evaluators, illustrated – This was the third in the trilogy, but I think the best.  It was so popular I created a take-home pdf ebook.  You can download the ebook here.

16 Blogging styles for researchers and evaluators – This post is here to provide you with a little inspiration regarding an approach to content.

12 blogging mistakes made by researchers and evaluators – After you’ve been blogging for awhile it’s time to start improving.  Here are some of the common mistakes we want to eliminate (or reduce) as we grow as bloggers.