Social Media Content Strategy

There was a time when using the web just meant putting up a simple business webpage or uploading your report to your organization site.  But times have changed.

If you actually care about reaching your audience or finding new clients, you need a strategy.  Here is the one I use with my clients.

1. Funnel Setup

Whether or not you are trying to sell a service, sell a product, or simply deliver information, a simple funnel should be at the heart of your strategy.  If you do not currently have a funnel in place, our first steps together will involve funnel design and setup.

The goal is to turn people who barely know you into people who follow you closely and share your work. Increasing levels of engagement can help drive social media exposure.

  1. Social Media Channels – This is how you reach people you don’t yet know as well build your reputation among casual followers.
  2. Blog – This is where you publish your work.
  3. Landing Pages – This is you how you turn casual visitors into followers.
  4. Email – This is how you keep in touch with your closest followers.
  5. Calendar Scheduler – This is how you easily setup 1 to 1 meetings.

A few of the resources we have at our disposal.

Lead Pages

Leadpages is a landing page builder with hundreds of templates to build from.  With our license we can build pages for your company or organization and deploy on a leadpages web domain, one of our domains, or on your domain.  These pages will be setup to deliver users directly to an email service you control (i.e. Mailchimp).

StudioPress Pro Plus

We are WordPress designers with a full set of professional premium WordPress themes at our disposal.  Not only can we create landing pages for you, we can also design your entire blog or website.

Step 2. Social Content Approach

My social media philosophy is not all that complex. You just need to build something of value that people will notice.

The easiest way to do that is to turn to your audience for inspiration and then collaborate, collaborate, collaborate.  “Me” content will never be as popular as “you” content.  I use my research and evaluation background to pull out social media inspiration directly from your target audience and the influencers currently serving that audience.

And getting noticed just requires understanding context.   The digital world is filled with lots of words and flashy distractions, simple is the best path for connection.  Based on your personal brand and preferences, we’ll choose the content approach that works best for you.


Me Blog Cartoon

Cartoons are my personal favorite type.  Simple and direct they stand out from the complexity of social network channels and spark engagement.  By designing cartoons based specifically on the experiences of your target audience, we can create conversation.


Simple illustrations are related to cartoons.  But they are more likely to fit in with content and organizations where a cartoon would be too playful.  By mixing simplicity and a dash of color, these can easily stand out in any social media feed.



Social Media Chart

Maps, charts, and simple infographics can also make really nice social media content.  Especially for organizations that share a lot of data.  The challenge here is to keep things simple and engaging.

Illustrated Video

Video is the most time-consuming of the content approaches I offer, but it offers another way to engage with your audience.  I have developed a simple production strategy to bring down the required time required and make it a viable social media content option.

Step 3. Audience Outreach

Most social media approaches require spending lots of time thinking about an audience, guessing what they want to read, and then hoping they somehow find it when you post it.

We do things differently.

The content we build is developed by connecting directly with your target audience, or influencers who reach that audience.  We create conversation and connection before the post even goes live.  Then continue that conversation on social media.

Buzzsumo Pro

External Analytics Buzz Sumo Pro

By using external social media analytics tools like Buzzsumo Pro, we can identify influencers in your target audience.  By reaching out and collaborating with those influencers we can create social content that spreads.

4. Automate

The last and final step involves automating the little things.

Social media can be an administrative time suck, involving lots of copy and paste.  It does not have to be.  We will use tools to automate a number of different activities.

When someone signs up on your landing page, they get automatically added to your email list.  When you post a blog post, it will automatically be delivered to your different social media accounts.  Then, if you would like, we can even automate your email newsletter.

Reducing the steps reduces the time suck and increases the potential value of social media.


Dlvr it social media tool.

A lot of the social media tasks that people find most annoying are solved with the use of simple web tools.  I have several pro web tool accounts that I use to support my clients.