Settling for the next best thing

When you need an image for a power point presentation or a training document, what do you do?

My guess is that you turn to Google, ultimately ending up with something that sort of fits. Next time try something new.

When you need an image, reach for some markers or your camera or open the paint program that comes standard on your computer. Stop settling for the next best thing and spend a little time creating the perfect thing.

If you don't feel like you have the talent (I believe you do but that's a different post) I've been doing some commissioned work lately. My rates are straightforward, $50/cartoon if it is something non-commercial and $200/cartoon if you're making money off of my work.

This is not a forever offer, I have big plans for other cool things in the new year, so if you would like something tell me now. Just email me at:

Settling for the next best thing for your Power Point