Secret Stash: June 2013

I cartoon quite a bit. Sometimes the cartoons make it into a series on the blog, other times they just sit on my iPad.  What a waste, right?

This is a secret stash, there will be no way to directly find it from the main site and it won’t appear in the feed. Please feel free to use any of the cartoons in your presentations or blog posts, just don’t spread the link.

If someone asks you where you found the cartoon say, “Are you on the mailing list?” Then send them to the site.

Standard Error

This one inspired by a colleague who will remain nameless (actually, they have a name, I’m just not letting you know the name).

Faster Tortoise

Sidenote: I’d say many times it’s much better to just be the faster tortoise.

The Cloud

Yeah, this one is just silly.


I can’t even remember what inspired this.

Find your flock

I felt very included on the day I drew this one.

Big Data

One of the many definitions of Big Data.

Shane Koyczan

This one was inspired by Shane’s awesome reading of his poem To This Day on the TED stage.