Practice What You Preach

I’ve had a busy and productive year.  Of course, if you follow this blog, you would not know it.  Some of the highlights include giving a presentation on web analytics, building a community of practice for a federal grantee, creating a social network for a local eval group, and helping a friend put together a blog for her business.  Whenever I talk about the web to anyone I highlight the importance of production, but to date I’ve been a bad example.  I plan to change that.

My plan is to create new content and my hope is that the content I create will help you apply the web.  Professionally I’m a researcher and evaluator, so much of what I write will be most applicable to  people in those professions.   Of course, being someone who follows blogs covering a wide range of topics (design, journalism, environmental, urban design, statistics, nonprofit, art, and academic to name a few) I often find the most inspiration in places not written for my specific audience.

So as we move forward, keep me honest, let me know how I am doing.  If you like something, let me know.  If you want more of something else, let me know that too.  I can’t promise to accommodate, but I can promise to listen.