Power Point is not the null

Like everyone else, I love to hate on some Power Point. But it’s not the null.

The presentation null is not the tech but the format and style of most Power Points. Presentations that are built in many little chunks and regurgitated in much the same way. Bullet points are just a by-product of the approach.

The alternative, which has been taking hold, is a new focus on the content, the story. Popularized by platforms like TED, this story focus has led many to reject the presentation null. Not by changing the technology but by changing the approach.

For this year’s evaluation conference, the potent presentations initiative took on the null face-to-face. Judging solely based on my own perception of improved presentation quality, I think it was a huge success.

Want to improve your presentations? Stephanie Evergreen, who spearheaded the initiative, is offering some great online professional development. I suggest visiting her page and checking it out (upcoming events).

Potent presentations


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  1. Hugh Leon on June 26, 2013 at 1:54 pm

    PowerPoint is not just some junk piece of software, With some great templates from, http://slidehunter.com/, it would be a great addon.