Developing Modern Resource Sites, Learning Academies, and Forums 

We work with cloud-based, self-hosted, Linux servers, Microsoft servers, WordPress, Discourse, Sharepoint, and even .NET.

Our Specialities

Custom WordPress Training Academies

Website Modernization

Resource Websites and Learning Communities

User Experience Design

Your IT department is NOT holding you back.

We work with your IT department, not against your IT department.

  • Need your WordPress site self-hosted...No Problem!
  • Wedded to Microsoft and can't leave ASP.NET...No Problem!
  • Have an old outdated site you want improved...No Problem!
  • Want to baby step your website into a design that fits this century...No Problem!
  • Would you like to transition your current site from Microsoft to Linux...No Problem!
  • Interested in using your website to make actual money...No Problem!
  • Don't know what any of this means and just want your website to look modern, be secure, and work properly on a smart phone...No Problem!

Need ongoing technology guidance?

Our Shared CTO package comes standard with all consulting and hosting services.

>2 live group office hour webinar sessions each month.

>2 1-on-1 consulting calls each month (up to 20 minutes each).
>Access to Chris' private dropbox folder.


Did I mention we also do Content?

We don't just build and host your website.  We can also write your copy, do your branding, illustrate your pages, and provide you with the training you need to use the thing.

Standard Starting Budget

$5,000 +
  • It's hard to know what it will cost to complete your project without knowing the details. But there is a lot we can do with a $5,000 budget.

Concierge WordPress Hosting

$100 per Month
  • We will transition and host your WordPress site on a super fast cloud-based Linux server. We'll also keep an eye on things and keep everything up to date. You'll get access to the training academy, and if you need anything else, you can just give us a call.

Concierge Microsoft Hosting

$300 per Month
  • Just like the WordPress one, except this uses a Microsoft server capable of effectively hosting Share Point. It's more expensive because that's how Microsoft does things...