New Year New Goals

In the past few years I’ve been building myself up as a web-savvy researcher and evaluator.  I’ve learned a lot in the process; there are tons of problems that have simple solutions if you know where to look. But I have yet to leverage that experience into online success.

In my eyes there are two ways to be successful online.  One is to be consistently good, pumping out solid material day after day.   Another is to be occasionally exceptional.  The creme de la creme is to be both.  At best I would say I’m occasionally good.

I hope to change that this year.  My plan is to take what I’ve learned and teach it.  Take the lessons I usually only give when someone comes to me for help and turn them into tutorials.  Create online courses to build up expertise in areas often thought to be too technical.  And offer the occasional webinar to answer the kinds of questions I would not think of on my own.

Will I be successful?  We’ll answer that question next year…