Reaching an audience without building an audience

Say you have something to share.  Maybe it’s an evaluation report, a few case studies, or a video.

But the audience you need to reach, they don’t follow you.  Where do you start?

I get asked this question every now and again, including this past month from one of my patrons.  So I put together a little graphic guide on one of my favorite approaches with step by step directions.  It’s based on two ideas, which I mention below.

This isn’t a long read, the guide is just seven pages with lots of pictures and very few words.  If you’re one of my patrons, the pdf guide is already up on my Patreon feed along with a version in power point.  But if you’re not a patron, I just put up the pdf version on gumroad, you can pick it up there.

Reach your audience with The Network Approach in 3 steps by Chris Lysy

1. Your audience is likely already on the web.

And if they’re not following you, they’re following someone else (or something else).  They can be found.

2. Everything on the web spreads through collaboration.

You can try to write something brilliant and wait for your readers to share your work for you, without asking.  This strategy can work, not often, but it can work.

The other option is to lead the collaboration.

Next Patron Workshop

Last week I held my first patron workshop.   We had a nice conversation on dissemination (talking through the approach I outlined in the guide) and then covered some straightforward approaches to creating infographics.  It was fun and I’m looking forward to next month.

If you want to join us, our next workshop will be held on Thursday, March 20 at 12 PM Eastern.  The plan is to cover some data visualization best practices.  I’ll have a new guide or two created before the webinar, including at least one special craft book (I’ll explain more later).