My top 7 most engaging posts

Many of you are new here so before anything else let me just say, thank you for following.  Since you’ve likely not seen them, I thought it might be a good idea to let you know about some of my favorite posts.

Being a cartoonist, I have quite a few posts where people show up for a few laughs then close out and keep going with their day.  They end up being some of my most popular, but not my favorites.

My favorites are the ones where you come for the cartoons and stay for something deeper.  I came across a blog post by Chase Reeves a few months ago that showed off a quick way to identify these posts.  He does a good job so I won’t go into the details but basically you go into Google Analytics and cross pageviews with time on page.

What you end up with are the posts that not only attract visitors, but keep those visitors on the page.  Here are my top seven, counting down.  In an almost uncanny way, these posts hit closest to home when it comes to my interests and expertise.  I guess it’s true what they say about writing what you love.

Number 7

16 Blogging styles for researchers and evaluators

I wrote a series of posts on blogging for researchers and evaluators at the end of last summer.  It’s been my most engaging series by far, so much so that the least popular of the three still made the list.

Decided not to get geography involved cartoon by Chris Lysy

Number 6

You’ve got 10 seconds, make your point with a deductive presentation

This post is about a style of presentation that accounts for the way most of your audience views the web.  It mentions the “is it worth it” test, which apparently it passed.

Love your blog cartoon by Chris Lysy

Number 5

From bullet point to beautiful: Stephanie Evergreen on slide reboots

An interview with the awesome Stephanie Evergreen (FYI: we’ll be co-presenting on DIY Data Visualization at Eval 2014).  She lays out some really nice pointers on slide design that you should definitely check out.

Perfect picture with a crayon cartoon by Chris Lysy

Number 4

Stop Wasting Data

Apparently my presentation from a few weeks ago has hit home.  In a few months I’m guessing this one will climb even higher up the list.  Videos help keep eyes on a page, and this one has my full 20 minute presentation embedded.

Those are good numbers cartoon by Chris Lysy

Number 3

On Interactive Data Visualization, Illustrated

I posted this one to accompany my first, and currently only, journal article on quantitative data visualization.  It also features a few videos.

Paper is not interactive cartoon by Chris Lysy

Number 2

12 blogging mistakes made by researchers and evaluators

Like I mentioned above in number 7, here is the first post in my blogging series from last summer.  Still hanging around, still getting hits.

Me me me me cartoon by Chris Lysy

Number 1

22 bloggers with advice for researchers and evaluators, illustrated

All in all there are 44 cartoons (includes 22 portraits) based on 22 mini interviews.   This post took a lot of work (in PDF form it’s over 50 pages!).  But if you are ever looking for a way to reach a lot of people with some really relevant stuff, deconstruct this post.

You're the ones I care about Cartoon by Chris Lysy

What’s your favorite post?

Did it make the list or is it something else entirely?  This kind of feedback really helps guide my future work so I appreciate any comments you could offer.

If you’re wondering, people really love cartoons about logic models and other evaluation topics, they just don’t stick around after they read them.