Michael Quinn Patton’s Evaluation Flash Cards 5 Cartoons

Today’s cartoon set is inspired by Evaluation Flash Cards developed by Michael Quinn Patton for the Otto Bremer Foundation.  More specifically, they are based off of the first five flash cards (out of 25).  I’ve put in the quotes that helped inspire each cartoon.

It’s a great resource and if you haven’t seen it, I suggest you check it out:

[PDF] Patton, Michael Quinn (2014). Evaluation Flash Cards: Embedding Evaluative Thinking in Organizational Culture. St. Paul, MN: Otto Bremer Foundation.

Evaluative Thinking

Integrating evaluation into organizational culture means “mainstreaming evaluation” -that is, making it central to the work rather than merely an add-on, end-of-project paperwork mandate. (page 3)

Evaluation Thinking Cartoon by Chris Lysy

Evaluation Questions

Ground evaluation in basic descriptive questions. (page 4)

Evaluation Questions cartoon by Chris Lysy

Logic Models

Is the proposed logic model sequence from inputs to impacts logical and reasonable? (page 5)

Logic Model Cartoon by Chris Lysy

Theory of Change

Can a program identify a theory of change based on research and, if so, can it demonstrate how it will translate the theory into an actual program? (page 6)

Theory of Change cartoon by Chris Lysy

Evaluation vs. Research

Research…Ultimate test of value is contribution to knowledge…Evaluation…Ultimate test of value is to improve effectiveness. (page 7)

Research vs Evaluation Cartoon by Chris Lysy


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