Moving Beyond the Slides: Video Presentations

It has never been easier to capture, edit, and share video. There is a huge range of video camera options from expensive high quality digital to the small, affordable, fit in your pocket variety. While not incredibly sophisticated, both windows and mac users have access to free video editing software. Finally, with services like youtube and vimeo you have the ability to easily upload, share, and embed your video.

Good presentations have always been about a lot more than the technical medium. A good web video presentation is usually short and to the point, letting the idea take center stage. Pictures, graphics, and clips can be worked in but they are there to support the presentation, not drive it.

Here is an example from Professor Hans Rosling titled “On Our Way to a Stable World” part of Ericsson’s 20 about 2020 campaign. He uses Legos but look, no power point.