7 more evaluation cartoons, including a CPE comparison

I’ve been a bit busy this week so no time for lots of text.

Here’s a set of cartoons I’ve created for other purposes.  No common theme except that they relate to evaluation.

Differentiating Collaborative, Participatory and Empowerment

Collaborative Participatory Empowerment Cartoon by Chris Lysy

Dissemination Complete

Dissemination Cartoon by Chris Lysy

Expert Review Board

Expert Review Cartoon by Chris Lysy

External Evaluator

External Evaluator Cartoon by Chris Lysy

Formative Feedback Loop

Formative Feedback Loop Cartoon by Chris Lysy


Rubric Cartoon by Chris Lysy

Useful, Relevant, Not Ugly

Useful Relevant Not Ugly Cartoon by Chris Lysy


  1. Lisa Richardson says

    Chris- I am going to make good use of the CPE cartoons this week.

    And, the idea of being stuck in a “formatibe self-evaluation feedback loop” was perfect comic relief as I am working on theumpteenth revision of a report right now as a result of feedback from key stakeholders!

  2. Jane says

    I love your cartoons. I am preparing my first EPortfolio and would love to use a few of these to ‘enlighten’ it.
    Is that OK? Or are they subject to copywriter?
    Thanks :)

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