Me Blog: Chris Brogan

Look at Me!  Look at Me! It’s something my 2 year old daughter says when she is doing something for which she is particularly proud.  Like spinning really fast or dancing with her Belle doll.  As adults, we’re often too modest to call attention to ourselves so directly.  But on the web, where there is incredible competition for your time, sometimes the “look at me” approach makes sense.

Blogging is a very personal style, almost always written in first person and reflecting a personal viewpoint.  Naming a blog after yourself is not vanity or conceit, it’s just a recognition of the style and one clear cut way to literally put yourself online.  Let’s use Chris Brogan as today’s example.

From his blog:

Chris Brogan consults and speaks professionally with Fortune 100 and 500 companies like PepsiCo, General Motors, Microsoft, and more, on the future of business communications, and social software technologies. He is a New York Times bestselling co-author of Trust Agents, and a featured monthly columnist at Entrepreneur Magazine. Chris’s blog, [], is in the Top 5 of the Advertising Age Power150. He has over 11 years experience in online community, social media, and related technologies.

If you have a big enough name, you don’t need to organize your blog around a topic.  You already have followers, so you make it easy for them to follow.  As far as style goes, it’s often dealer’s choice.  Chris Brogan organizes his blog around his interests, both professional and personal.  If you don’t already have a name and a following, I would suggest at least starting with another style.  But if you really want to put yourself out there, this is the way to go.