Looking into the Future

If you follow “me” online you probably know that I am a man of two blogs, this one and http://evalcentral.com.  If you only follow Fresh Spectrum you probably think, boy this guy does not post very often.  If you only follow Eval Central, well then you are likely not reading this post.

Ultimately, Fresh Spectrum will continue to be my main blog.  As time goes on I hope to post less on Eval Central and more on Fresh Spectrum.  Eval Central on the other hand, I hope to make into something more communal.  I would like it to be a hub for evaluators, featuring content created not by a solitary blogger with too much on his plate but by a community of evaluators.  In the upcoming year I hope to spend a good bit of effort making this transition.

As a side note, both of these blogs are currently hosted through wordpress.com but in the very near future (next couple of months) I will be making the switch to self-hosting.  Hopefully the transition will be relatively seamless but just wanted to give you a heads up.  Thanks for reading,