Instigate: InnoNet Kung Fu

To Instigate: to goad or urge forward

I like it when people add their voices to the constant online conversation. I love it when people bring out the voice of others.

I got a chance to hang out with a few of the InnoNet alternatives in Minneapolis. They’re a small nonprofit shop with only a handful of evaluators, but their online actions speak louder than companies with much larger payrolls.

Ann Emery, one of their all-stars, is always instigating. She starts a blog, then almost immediately reaches out for guest bloggers. She starts developing tutorials, then tries to get others to do the same. ┬áIt’s such an admirable trait and a great example.

Do you ever feel lonely in your alternative pursuits? Why not reach out to others and get some company?


Instigate, InnoNet Kung Fu