Holistic Content Marketing – A Comic Journey

So what do I do for clients (a.k.a. what is holistic content marketing?)

I just want to use the web to expand my reach, build authority, and get more clients.

So often consultants and small organizations look at the web as a big time suck.  Which is often very true…

No problem! Just spend every waking moment on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, WordPress, SnapChat, Tumblr, and a few others. Then in 5 or 6 years you might have enough of a following to get a client or two.

Their base of online operations (a.k.a. website) is a boring brochure style design with a contact page.

Okay, so for your web design you want a bunch of blah, blah, blah content followed by a contact page.

For a potential client, one who visits knowing very little about you and what it is that you do, to see your site and want to get in touch with you immediately is a big leap.

I know we just met, but would you like to get a joint bank account and move in together?

And these sites are not really things that get shared, because who wants to read a brochure much less share it with others?You know what I'm really in the mood for? Reading a brochure.

The boring brochure website also has a little brother.  The equally boring email newsletter.Sign up for my newsletter and each month I will send you a link to my boring website where I will ask you to contact me.

Most of the time website owners know their website doesn’t work well.  So they try to make up for it using social media.

Alright team, Sarah you take Twitter, Sanjay, LinkedIn. I'll take email and Suzy and Ron you coordinate on the blogging. If everything goes right, we'll generate some forgettable stuff few will ever read.

Social content strategy (if there is any) is often completely detached from a business’ or organization’s core strategy.  But if instead, it’s designed to be interdependent, everything changes.Content and Business Strategy should not be separate. They are intrinsically connected.

My process is built around an online school, not a contact page.  It’s based on the idea that great consultants make great teachers.That's true, I teach for a living. I just call it consulting.

Instead of just using the blog’s end-product for outreach, we use the blogging process to engage with potential customers and partners.I'm writing a blog post on blank. Any chance you could help by answering a quick question. Sure, sounds like fun. Says potential client or partner. Nice to connect.

And every single email, social media post, and live interaction becomes an opportunity for qualitative or quantitative feedback.Here's something you'll like: link. Oh, and while I have you. Anything you're struggling with right now? Just hit reply.

Then we build automation into our process, connecting our four pillar technologies (online workshop, blog, email platform, and social channels).I get how automation would be useful. I just have no clue where to start.

And that’s it, everything works together to continuously provide feedback to your business or organization.  All while helping you expand reach, build authority, and get new clients.1. Design/Develop four technical pillars (online workshop, blog, email, social). 2. Setup automation. 3. Create a lead generation course. 4. Build a list of potential clients. 5. Ongoing: Create Blog Posts & Courses. Connect with people and gather/analyze feedback.

Interested in hiring me for full service holistic content marketing?  I have three packages ($500/month, $1,000/month, and $2,000/month).  Just click here to get on my calendar.

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  1. Kenya on April 21, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    Thanks, Chris! Just what I needed to get things started in developing a strategy. It’s all about using inherent capabilities in my own business development.

    • Chris Lysy on April 21, 2017 at 9:19 pm

      Thanks Kenya 🙂