Fractional CMO Services

I am a fractional CMO.  Which means I am the marketing guy for a collection of small businesses.  This lets me provide high-level expertise to companies that normally would not be able to afford it.

Here is how I work.

I practice lean social media.

We use the social media process (content creation, media strategy, targeting, etc.), not just the social media product (tweets, posts, etc.), to produce value for your business.

There are three basic ongoing steps.

Step 1.

We need a goal.

Something we are trying to accomplish.

Something we can measure and track (i.e. more clients, greater exposure, a larger email list, more customers, an authority boost).

This will help us develop and target our strategy.  But we’re not going to get stuck at this step, our goals will likely change as we implement the strategy.  New evidence will inform purposeful shifts.

Hopeful small business cartoon by Chris lysy

Step 2.

Now that we have a strategy we create a target collaborator list.  We will connect with these people and work with them to create valuable engaging digital products.

I look for three types of collaborators:

  • Current Clients/Friends (solidifies relationship and is an easy collaboration opportunity)
  • Potential Clients (lets us build new relationships without that “salesy” feel)
  • Referral Collaborators (people that already reach our target audience)

We use external analytics to identify potential clients and collaborators.

Step 3.

This is the collaborative content design step.  I do the heavy lifting, reaching out to targets and asking simple, quick to answer questions.

We turn the responses into value added social media content.  Something that is more than just a mention and a link.  My favorite pieces of content to create are cartoons, but sketches, featured images, small infographics, interactive visual reports, and motion graphics are also options.


Once we have the strategy process down, we just repeat over and over again.  Tracking the data against our target outcomes.  Making purposeful tweaks to our strategy and approach as we go.

I have an audience problem. What kind? I don't have one. Cartoon by Chris lysy

The Setup

I like to start any new customer relationship with a digital content audit.  We look at your website, established digital funnel (if there is one), and social channels (if you have them) to see what is currently working and not working.

Before we jump into content creation we just need to make sure we have the proper digital tools in place to capture and convert any incoming attention.


If you would like to be one of my clients, get in touch.  As long as I have space I offer three different monthly plans  ($500, $1,000, or $2,000 a month).

So just send me a message and we’ll set up a call.