Few Quick PDF Tools/Tips

My post frequency has really taken a hit recently. My wife and I have purchased a new home and are in the midst of a move. I promise more content as things begin to settle down, but until that happens here are a few PDF tools/tips that might find useful.

CutePDF: Free to download. Basically instead of printing to a printer you print directly to a pdf. If you can print it you can pdf it.

Get rid of line breaks in Excel: Ever paste something from a pdf into excel to find line breaks all over the place. Here is how you can replace them.

Some pdfs are not searchable. If you have adobe pro you can make them searchable using the “Recognize Text Using OCR” feature. It’s not flawless but it works.

Did you know that you can search multiple pdfs at the same time in Adobe Reader? Just click on the search button. You will see a spot that says; “Where would you like to search?” Select browse for location and then select a folder containing all the appropriate pdfs. Recently I had to search for instances of organizations in multiple pdfs, this worked perfectly. Just remember that all the documents need to be searchable. You can always test this using a word that you are sure to find in all documents, like “the.”