A positive spin on failure according to Simon Hearn

Cartoon showing Success and Failure, both are the same image of a rocket reaching the clouds.  One one side it says, woohoo we reached the clouds.  On the other it says, well we didn't reach the stars this time but we're one step closer.

Simon Hearn, one of the team of evaluators who put together the 10 things to know about evaluation infographic I mentioned last week, left me a comment on the post.  The comment sparked today’s cartoon which I hope gives failure a bit more of a positive spin.

Something we didn’t have space to talk about in the infographic was the inadequacy of the ‘success’ and ‘failure’ language that we, as a field, often use – and despite our efforts we couldn’t avoid them in the infographic either. Failure sounds so absolute, so permanent and all encompassing when it might just mean we were trying something really hard and the odds were stacked against us, but hey we know how to improve for next time.

I discuss this in a blog I wrote to accompany the infographic – to give the inside view on how difficult it was to write.