Want your tweets unique, try writing them in Haiku, here is a cartoon

Can a several centuries old form of poetry be an alternative? No doubt. Especially if you use the form to Tweet.

Maria Gajewski got the whole Evaluation Haiku thing started earlier this year. More recently it sprung back up in the ongoing #eval twitter conversation. I'll leave the rest of the chronicling to Ann Emery who will be posting more Haikus soon on her blog.

I really liked my fellow Westatian Jen Hamilton's Haiku. And, as you should be figuring out, when I like something, it becomes a cartoon.

What is the impact / Answer: 800 Pages / Report no-one reads


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  1. cplysy on November 9, 2012 at 10:58 am

    Did you catch that the title is a Haiku?  I’m a pretty big geek and wanted to make it explicitly clear.