Eval13 Day Four

Here it is, the last day of the conference. I present today and then am flying out a little bit after that. So if you’re here, take good notes in your sessions today.

Evaluation Blogging

Today is the blogging think tank presentation I’m giving with Ann Emery, Sheila Robinson, and Susan Kistler. It’s at 9:50 AM in the International Ballroom Center. Hope to see you there!

Imagine if

There were thousands of attendees at this conference. Could you imagine what it would look like if just 100 (a few percent of the attendees) wrote a nice long blog post about their experience and the lessons they learned?

Journals get a lot of heat for not opening up their articles online. But why expect a business model to change when the community has not. This is a call for more attendees to open up their experiences for the greater community.

We could have so much more valuable expertise and rich context if you shared your lessons and wrote a post. The web is built by people like you.


This one inspired by Becca’s comment from the day three post…

How about a cartoon acknowledging most innovative freebies? I nominate the luggage grip and car charger.

Lack of Thought Leader

This one inspired by Ann Price in the day three comments.

 I have an idea for a cartoon for you. All this talk about using social media, blogging, twitter and such to help someone become a thought leader has me thinking…..what if I want to be a thought leader but no original thoughts ever come? The horror! (I think its important to laugh at ourselves/myself :)


Intoxicating Allure of Hope

This one inspired by Rhonda in the Cartooning Evaluation 2013 page comments who brought up her list of new & entertaining evaluation phraseology.

There were lots of references to geography: “geography of evidence” among the favs. In the poetic category we have “How does it enter the evidence bundle?” and “the intoxicating allure of hope” that contexts don’t shift. One you’ll like: we asked about use “to glorify Patton”



  1. Mary Nash says

    I attended AEA for the first time this year and one of the highlights was Saturday’s presentation on blogging. I am inspired to blog now!

        • says

          Awesome, short and sweet first post!

          Two suggested next steps:
          1) Open up the comments section on your post so I can add one :)
          2) Go with prettier permalinks (Open up your dashboard > Settings > Permalinks). I suggest: Day and name, Month and name, or just Post name.

          Then let me know if you want me to plug you into evalcentral.com or if you’d like to wait a little bit.

          • Mary Nash says

            I think I did your two steps correctly but not sure. I’ll write another blog in the next week or so and work on formatting, then you can add me to evalcentral.com.

  2. Leslie Cooksy says

    I’m coming late to your website and cartoons, but as a former “Thought Leader”, I really appreciate Ann Price’s comment and your wonderful cartoon. Thanks!

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