Don’t change your 200 page report

Don’t change your 200 page reports.

I’m sure someone in your audience wants that comprehensive report, and if you change it, you won’t be serving that audience anymore.

Now instead of changing the report, create an adaptation. A second report to reach a different audience (maybe a 30 pager).

After you’re done with that, why not create a comprehensive blog post highlighting the results for the web audience.

Ok now maybe create a one page infographic to reach out to an entirely different audience.

Once you have that 200 page report, the 30 page report isn’t that hard to create. And once you have that 30 page report, the blog post is easy. Once you have the blog post, the infographic is pretty easy too.

If your audience is as diverse as you say they are, and if your report is as important as you say it is, then creating different reports isn’t a nuisance. It’s an imperative.

Big report cartoon by Chris Lysy