Does your presentation have a heartbeat?

It’s interesting how a new frame can alter your perspective.

I was recently re-watching Nancy Duarte’s TEDx East talk from last year. If you’ve never seen it, or would Ike to re-watch, I’ve embedded it below. In it she talks about the structure of presentations given by great presenters. The presentations essentially have a heartbeat that results from the movement between “what is” and “what could be.”

With my frame, these are not just great presenters, they are innovators. The “what is” is the null. The “what could be” is the alternative. Innovators make the case for an alternative in contrast to the null. If the case is significant, the null can be rejected.

Nancy Duarte’s story is not just a good one for presenters but for anyone looking to innovate.

Nancy Duarte, does your presentation have a heartbeat?