Let me be your in-house creative

Stop Outsourcing Your Creative Work

Why spend lots of time and money sending your creative work to a team of outsiders?

Don’t have the internal capacity or software necessary to create professional level infographics, interactive dashboards, illustrations, and web reports?

Now you do.

Creative Work Sketch

I can fill any role.

Data design involves a diverse mix of left-brain and right-brain expertise, often requiring a large team to complete even the simplest of projects.  It’s why the overall data design process is usually quite expensive and slow.

But that’s where I’m special (and a little weird).  During my 12 plus years’ long career in research and evaluation I’ve taken on professional roles as an evaluator, researcher, analyst, graphic designer, web designer, data visualization developer, computer programmer, social media expert, web strategist, copywriter, illustrator, presenter, workshop leader and all-around techie.  I also have a master’s degree.

Don’t get me wrong, a team is still important. But it’s far better and more efficient to design using your team, the one that understands the data and the audience, and not some team of external experts that know nothing about your specific context.

I call my approach CoDesign.  It’s all about filling the gaps in your team’s internal capacity and offering a set of tools and resources that make design more efficient.

Needs Help

Some of the things we can create together.

  • Infographics
  • Social Media Illustration
  • Visual Report Templates
  • Quantitative Dashboards
  • Book Illustration
  • eBooks
  • Visual Presentations
  • Interactive Online Reports
  • Visual Email Reports
  • Evaluable Reporting
  • Interactive Infographics
  • Qualitative Dashboards
  • Team-illustration Templates
  • Contemporary Charts and Graphs
  • Online Revenue Generation Strategies
  • Visual Webinars
  • Explainer Videos

Awesome Work

How much does it cost?

You can get 6 months worth of biweekly codesign sessions for less than the cost of a single video or interactive dashboard (seriously, just look at this competitor’s prices).  In that amount of time, we can create a lot more than one interactive.

  • Bimonthly (2 sessions/month): $400/month
  • Weekly (4 sessions/month): $600/month
  • Biweekly (8 sessions/month): $1,000/month
  • 4 sessions a week (16 sessions/month): $2,000/month

When I’m available, additional time can be purchased on an as needed basis at a rate of $125/hour.


You’ll notice that I don’t link this page on my homepage.  That’s intentional.  I prefer to provide these services to long-time followers, colleagues, and friends of friends.  So being that you’re here, I’m going to assume you’re either a friend or were referred here by a friend.

I’m a one man-shop, which means I only have so much time to give out.  I don’t expect that to change anytime soon.

Before you can book my time, you’ll have to jump on my waitlist.  I’ll let you know about how long you’ll have to wait and then again when some of my time becomes available.

About Chris Lysy

I’m a researcher and evaluator turned codesigner living in North Carolina’s Research Triangle and collaborating globally.  Have a question for me?  Get in Touch


Portfolio and Testimonials

I’ll be highlighting my codesign work and offering testimonials from my collaborators through a series of freshspectrum blog posts.  I’ll also be offering downloadable prep checklists that provide you with the initial considerations for each specific project. To follow the blog and get all the free resources, join the waitlist.