Copyright laws and kale

One day historians are going to look back at this era as the time in which the notion of intellectual property met its toughest challenge (or maybe even the time in which it was turned on its head).    We see skirmishes taking place in the ongoing tech patent cold war,  political battles against “piracy” in the form of SOPA, and the creation of new standards that have sharing at their core with Creative Commons.

Large companies can wield the power of their copyrights and patents to demolish small companies.  It’s tough to fight something with so much power.  But the web offers at least an awareness mechanism.  This currently-in-development documentary, being funded through kickstarter, is a story of a little guy choosing not to go down quietly.  For the “A Defiant Dude” trailer, look below the cartoon.

Fresh Spectrum cartoon showing a man holding a sign that states Kale isn't Chikin