Consulting Services

According to Cisco’s annual forecast, global internet traffic is going to increase 3-fold from 2016 to 2021.  And in 2021, 58% of the global population will be internet users.

So what does that mean for the people with important things to share?

  1. Competition for attention will continue to increase.
  2. Already hard to reach audiences will be even harder to reach.
  3. Engagement will require more effort.

Are you waiting for communication to get easier?

It won’t.


What I offer:

  • Creative Direction
    I understand how to create and distribute innovative new media.  From blog reports and infographics to e-courses and documentary films, let’s create something interesting. My agile project management process will help us get the project done on time and on budget.
  • The Best of the Best
    Have a full team of your own?  Great.  Have just a few gaps to fill?  We can do that.  Want me to bring the full team?  No problem!  I come with a network of top-notch web designers, instructional designers, UX designers, UI designers, copywriters, app developers, videographers, illustrators, photographers, evaluators, data analysts, visualization experts, social media experts, and print designers.
  • Any Budget
    My packages for basic creative direction and small full-service design projects start at $5,000.  Have a large $100,000+ project requiring a large team of creatives and lots of content?  I can do that too.

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