Consulting Packages

I have unique expertise and provide a wide range of support services.  My specialties include:

Evaluating Digital Media
Stop blindly pulling together vanity metrics and calling it an evaluation. True web and social media evaluation adds real value.

Simplifying Your Message
If you cannot communicate simply you will lose your audience. Engagement has to come first, details can come later.

eCourse Design
eCourses are online magic. In addition to online revenue, eCourses are very effective lead magnets and report delivery tools.

Graphic Support
The contemporary web and modern reports rely on visuals and videos. As an illustrator, animator, data visualization expert, tutorial developer, and graphic designer, I can create them.

***All of my support packages include phone calls (or online meetings), consulting time, and free entry into the Complete DiY Data Design for yourself and up to 5 employees.

Support packages start at $350/month.

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