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Holistic Content Marketing – A Comic Journey

I just want to use the web to expand my reach, build authority, and get more clients.

So what do I do for clients (a.k.a. what is holistic content marketing?) So often consultants and small organizations look at the web as a big time suck.  Which is often very true… Their base of online operations (a.k.a. website) is a boring brochure style design with a contact page. For a potential client, one who…

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Thankful for the attention

After the lecture cartoon by Chris Lysy

One of the things I’m thankful for this year… In a sea of competing voices you’ve chosen to listen to mine. For those of you in the US, have a nice Thanksgiving!  And for everyone, have a nice week 🙂

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Featured image paradigm

Featured Image Paradigm > Every article has a picture. It’s really a simple rule, but you can look at almost any major website on almost any topic (news, sports, fashion, food, science, technology, etc., etc., etc.) and you’ll see it being followed. Even if the image for an article is not showing on the front…

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You would forgive me

It was 2 AM and I was sitting upright, head leaned off to the right on the makeshift pillow that usually serves as my jacket.  The crying of a small child carried through the dark cabin as my fellow passengers and I attempted to get a little rest on the three hour flight.  I felt…

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Reaching an audience without building an audience

Reach your Audience with the Network Approach in 3 steps by Chris Lysy at

Say you have something to share.  Maybe it’s an evaluation report, a few case studies, or a video. But the audience you need to reach, they don’t follow you.  Where do you start? I get asked this question every now and again, including this past month from one of my patrons.  So I put together…

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The Internet is People, listen instead of analyze

WordPress doesn’t blog. Google doesn’t tell you anything. Twitter doesn’t tweet your work. LinkedIn doesn’t endorse you. Pageviews don’t comment. Facebook doesn’t like you. Your audience is a collection of people. I don’t write for evaluators. I write for Trina, Rhonda, Karen, Amanda, David, Stephanie, Ivan, Ann, Sheila, Alana, Pablo, Katherine, Sharon, Molly, Ray and…

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