Hey academics, people don’t trust you.

It's far too complicated to explain, so you'll have to trust me. But I don't trust you.

A guest post (by William Faulkner, João Martinho, and Heather Muntzer) put up on my friend Stephanie Evergreen’s blog sparked a big discussion in the comment section. I’ll paraphrase a little… Stats People – You don’t understand anything.  Confidence intervals really stand for blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  So this is…

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Are you THE Creative?

Cartoon - I'm thinking of hanging into a white shirt...(surrounded by lots of people just like him in white shirts)...don't you dare.

“Oh yeah, we have someone like you.” I remember when I first heard that.  I thought to myself, “really, you have a cartooning sociologist techie and blogger who also happens to have a decade of experience in research and evaluation?” That’s not what they meant of course. What they really meant was that they had a creative.…

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The difference between the wink and the blink

Today’s cartoon inspired by David Fetterman, who left this in a comment on last Friday’s ethnography blog post.  For those who don’t know David, he’s written a significant book on the subject. Wonderful posting and drawing of course. You might add the role of cultural interpretation to the mix. The difference between the wink and…

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Ethnography and Real Research

Cartoon. What do we do? Just watch. Survey them? Just watch. Interview? Just watch. Focus Group? Just watch. See something? I do.

If you’ve taken enough sociology classes you likely had this assignment at some point,  “go somewhere and watch.”  And if it’s a grad class you might get asked to go back to the same place several times.  Looking back today, these were some of my most memorable academic moments and something I’ve definitely carried with me over the…

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