Presenting Data

The courage to move beyond bullet points

Cartoon depicting a presenter speaking to an audience showing lightbulbs slowing turning on above everyone's head

Last week I got to hang out with my friend and data visualization rockstar Stephanie Evergreen, who stopped by my company for a day of talks. Her ability to connect with academic audiences is just amazing.  At one point during the day I remember turning to look into the crowd and I could just see lightbulbs…

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My top 7 most engaging posts

Everytime I zoom in cartoon by Chris Lysy

Many of you are new here so before anything else let me just say, thank you for following.  Since you’ve likely not seen them, I thought it might be a good idea to let you know about some of my favorite posts. Being a cartoonist, I have quite a few posts where people show up for…

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The Four Tableaus and other question responses

At the end of last week, I received some extra questions from the attendees who viewed my coffee break webinar. I’ve responded to each individually but thought I would share the responses with you as well. But before I get to the questions (and responses) I wanted to share a little about the presentation experience. Feel…

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More data, shorter reports: three ways to respond

We have access to more data but are delivering shorter reports. Something has to change, right? Before we get into today’s post.  If you missed my webinar, it’s now up for anyone to watch.  A big thanks to AEA for sending it to me so I could post for all of you. More Data From site…

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Lessons Learned at #eval11 Automated Reports in Word

Some of the best conference sessions are really just the most practical. Ann Emery and Agata Jose-Ivanina’s session on using macros to create multiple word reports from excel data was just that. At this very moment there is likely some evaluator out there typing Excel data into Word report shells, over and over and over…

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