Touching the Brain, Welcome to the Age of Engagement

So back in 2016 I was provided the opportunity by the awesome Visitor Studies Association to deliver my first ever keynote. If you ever get the chance to hang out with a bunch of Museum evaluators, you should. They are cool people. Out of all of my presentations, I think it was one of my best. In…

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Last Minute Presentation Design

So you did it again. You had months to draft your story, create your slides, and practice your talk. But here you are, a few days away from the big moment and not even close to ready. But don’t worry, all is not lost. The Assumption So I am going to assume that you have…

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Presentation White Space

I drew this one with just the sillyness in my head, but then I thought more about it. I think presentation white space is the banter you have with your audience at a time when you could be presenting.  And the quiet moments, the pauses, and any time spent laughing together.  Those moments do indeed…

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Ban Powerpoint… or Not

The way I see it, Power Point is not a presentation tool.  It is a presentation illustration tool.  And Power Point is designed in a way that leads you toward illustrating a presentation using bullet points. It can most certainly be used by great presentation illustrators to help support great presentations.  But most of the time,…

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My top 7 most engaging posts

Everytime I zoom in cartoon by Chris Lysy

Many of you are new here so before anything else let me just say, thank you for following.  Since you’ve likely not seen them, I thought it might be a good idea to let you know about some of my favorite posts. Being a cartoonist, I have quite a few posts where people show up for…

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The Four Tableaus and other question responses

At the end of last week, I received some extra questions from the attendees who viewed my coffee break webinar. I’ve responded to each individually but thought I would share the responses with you as well. But before I get to the questions (and responses) I wanted to share a little about the presentation experience. Feel…

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