Net Infinity

Last week I had the opportunity to host a consultant panel at 1 million cups RTP.  It was a lot of fun and I came away with a few new cartoons.  It was recorded on Facebook Live, so if you are interested, you can watch the replay. Expert Panel included: Maari Casey The Uncompany https://www.weareuncompany.com/ Terry Conlon…

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A Chris Business, inspired by Ben Wechsler

Today’s cartoon was inspired by Ben Wechsler who has been delivering a series of workshops on the personal branding of your leadership at the RTP Frontier. He said that one of the things they get into in the workshop is the difference between who you are and what you do.  That line inspired the cartoon…

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20 Cartoons Inspired by Triangle Entrepreneurs

Impressive, most one person companies don't have an org chart. Freshspectrum cartoon.

Over the last year, week in and week out, I have sat in a coworking space surrounded by North Carolina Triangle area entrepreneurs.  I recently decided to start creating cartoons based on some of my conversations. The cartoons in this post were inspired by… Maari Casey, Tom Thekkekandam, Jim R Roberts, Swanand Mokashi, Shane Cox,…

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