But can you tie it to an SDG, inspired by @mquinnp

Look, this is a well thought out intervention addressing a critical issue. But if you don't tie it to an SDG, we just can't fund it.

As promised yesterday, here is the second part which inspired the cartoon above. I asked Michael Quinn Patton what he thinks is the biggest challenge evaluators will face over the next five years. Internationally: The hysterical mania that focuses on SDGs and demands connecting anything and everything to SDG indicators.

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Too many sustainable development goals or too few

The age-old question, how many goals should we have?  I’m not really caught up on the overall discussion regarding the sustainable development goals, but the following sparked today’s cartoon. This quote is from Tom Murphy in No surprises in U.N. draft for next global development goals: The draft document for the goals that will set the global development…

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Cartooning Tom Murphy, 7 illustrations on development

Outside of my 9 to 5, the topic I get asked about the most is social media.  So much so that I’ve started designing and writing a companion blog to this one just to cover the topic.  If you’re interested I’ll have more info about in the next few weeks. My first piece of advice…

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