Why the world needs you to become a catalyst.

Years ago I launched a digital workshop. My goal was to teach evaluators and researchers how to design, based on the challenges that evaluators who design would face.  It was exactly how I found success, and built a following, during my own research and evaluation career. The workshop was filled with short courses, activities, and…

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Data Visualization Lessons from a Bad Chart

My favorite bad chart sat nearly undisturbed for years in the kitchen cabinet of my former workplace. It was an almost ordinary looking bar chart adorning the side panel of a big yellow box of Lipton tea. It was the kind of chart that would be overlooked by most, but for some reason it always…

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Last Minute Presentation Design

So you did it again. You had months to draft your story, create your slides, and practice your talk. But here you are, a few days away from the big moment and not even close to ready. But don’t worry, all is not lost. The Assumption So I am going to assume that you have…

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Holistic Content Marketing – A Comic Journey

I just want to use the web to expand my reach, build authority, and get more clients.

So what do I do for clients (a.k.a. what is holistic content marketing?) So often consultants and small organizations look at the web as a big time suck.  Which is often very true… Their base of online operations (a.k.a. website) is a boring brochure style design with a contact page. For a potential client, one who…

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Presentation White Space

I drew this one with just the sillyness in my head, but then I thought more about it. I think presentation white space is the banter you have with your audience at a time when you could be presenting.  And the quiet moments, the pauses, and any time spent laughing together.  Those moments do indeed…

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Why simply defining evaluation is not enough.

So I’ve only been independent for half a year but I’ve certainly learned one thing.  If you have to spend a lot of time defining or explaining something, it’s going to be a hard sell. Which brings me to evaluation… Some of my most popular cartoons fit under the what is evaluation theme.  The fact…

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